We’ve been hearing a lot about “Complete Streets” lately. Increasingly, people are calling for our roads to be made safe for ALL users. In Toronto, advocacy organizations have been formed by transit users. They  also exist for cyclists. There is even an organization that promotes electric vehicles. Unfortunately, for several years there were no groups advocating exclusively on behalf of pedestrians.

This gap in the sustainable transportation ranks has now been filled. A circle of walking advocates and active transportation enthusiasts launched a Toronto-based pedestrian advocacy group at a meeting at Metro Hall on Feb. 13, 2013. Participants chose the name “Walk Toronto” for the group, and suggested directions in which Walk Toronto’s advocacy could be effectively pursued. Toronto’s Complete Streets movement is finally becoming ‘complete’.

We will not compete with existing organizations whose scope is limited to policy. Instead, our feet will be planted firmly on the ground, and we will advocate to improve walking conditions and safety with various levels of government, as well as with private property owners. In many ways, we will be continuing the work of the now dormant Toronto Pedestrian Committee, as well as Feet on the Street.


One thought on “About

  1. If you research advocacy at City Hall over the years, you will also find the following:http://www.thestar.com/bigideas/infrastructure/2014/02/04/permanent_carfree_zones_lela_garys_big_idea.html
    Unfortunately, it was thoughlessly jeorpardized by eager individuals to get their 15 minutes in, by the ineffectual, temporary summer block party at Kensington Market.
    Neither the infrastructure, nor sustainability made any progress by not supporting and demanding action on the original proposal, as it is also published in the Star.

    Hope, you will follow up on this.

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